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Webi report Data Issue

Feb 02, 2017 at 06:46 AM


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Hi All

I am facing issue in webi report . Where i am able to see data in the query prompt and also in Database. but when i run query in report . I am not getting full data. it is getting filter out . with out any filter in report and universe.

Example in DB


1 X1 Pen

2 X2 Pen

3 X3 Pencil

While running the report i am getting only values for pen. and pencil data is not shown in report. Again I am not using any filter.


1 X1 Pen

2 X2 Pen

But when i am trying to filter on Column C. it shows both Pen and Pencil .

And if i Select Pencil. than that record alone is pulled in report.

So please tell, what is the issue here.

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can you share the screenshot?

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1 Answer

Puneet Ranout Feb 07, 2017 at 07:25 AM

Hey, by seeing the above query i have figured out two solution ,one at universe level and other one Webi "query panel ".

First At universe level , in business layer "Query option tab" check the this option "Limit size of result set to rows". if it is limited to less number of records then query will pull that many records only. you can uncheck this option or Increase the number of records.

Secondly in Webi "Query Panel" you check your query properties "max rows retrieved ". if this is limited to some records then increase the limit as per your requirement or uncheck this option. Hope this will resolve your problem.

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Hi Arun,

Puneet's answer might be helpful.