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Aug 19, 2015 at 12:04 PM

Payment method appearing multiple times in vendor master record dropdown


Hi all,

Please can you assist with the following issue. I created a new payment method N for currency USD. When i go into the Vendor Master record to add the payment method and click on the drop down box in the Payment methods, the payment method appears four times. Although this does not affect anything with the invoice or payment, why would it appear four times? I first copied the new payment method from an existing one and then deleted and recreated it from the beginning with no reference to an existing payment method and it still appears four times. The strange thing is that when I delete it, then the payment method above appears four times. What would cause this? I have been through the entire setup of the payment method but cannot see anything wrong?

Below is a sample of the issue.

Thank you in advance



Untitled.png (37.2 kB)