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Aug 19, 2015 at 10:54 AM

Trial: Authorization for object lost after each activation?


A beginner's question: In my trial account I created a few tables and views, no problem. I did call "HCP"."HCP_GRANT_SELECT_ON_ACTIVATED_OBJECTS" and could then select on them. Also no problem. What surprised me was that each time I re-activated the tables or views, I lost the SELECT authorization. I had to call "HCP"."HCP_GRANT_SELECT_ON_ACTIVATED_OBJECTS" again. Is that intended?

I tried to work around that by creating a role with explicit SELECT authorizations for my objects and assigned that role to me. But the same thing happened: After each re-activation of an object, the authorization was lost and I had to get it back.

Am I missing anything here?

Thanks and kind regards,