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Aug 19, 2015 at 09:20 AM

Using CL_BCS for read confirmation in outbox email



We are on SAP basis 740 sp 8

I'm trying to use cl_bcs to send an email to for instance outlook with a read confirmation. I'm not interested in the reply back to SAP wether it has been read or not, I just want the recipient to notice that there is something special about the email.

What I have done so far

used method SET_STATUS_ATTRIBUTES with various combinations, for A, R and D.

Changed SCOT settings (looks different in 740) Outbound-->settings-->status request request notification to D

Used method RECIPIENTS_AS_SOOS1 of CL_SEND_REQUEST_BCS where I set the SOOS1-READ attribute as an X

Implemented the following SAP notes




All to no avail,

So either I am missing something obvious, or there is still an error in SAP, or the functionality is not possible (anymore) in 740 sp 8

What else should I do?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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