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Aug 18, 2015 at 07:13 PM

New Tcode for Subcontracting process



In other discussion about the new movements about subcontracting process was describe the process in the flow below:

1) Create A Purchase order with Item Category L. Explode the BOM and make sure production storage location is entered in the BOM.

2) Goto transaction ME2ON and highlight the Component Line and click 'Create Delivery' (This is important because if you click create delivery highlighting the Material instead then the PO History tab will not have the Delivery number copied over)

3) In the Create Delivery prompt change the movement from 541 to 30A (ST Stock for SC ,In Transit Sub Contract stock )

4) Pick the delivery and PGI.

5) Now when you check stock overview (including special stock) you will see this under the status 'ST Stock For SC)

6) Once the subcontractor says hes completed work on it at his site you can do a MIGO_TR movement 30B O and move the stock to Unrestricted status.

7) Once the material has arrived at your site you can post a goods receipt (this will do a 101 for the FG and 543 for the Component)

How do I do the number 6 step?

What information I need to put in the MIGO_TR in order to use 30B movement? (as I put in attached file, when I tried was set 30C).


Evelyn Fernandes Gomes


step 6.png (29.7 kB)