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Aug 18, 2015 at 06:59 PM

Very high database access times


Hello Gurus, I need help with a problem I'm encountering that's making me pull my hairs out.

I have ECC and CRM systems sitting in a virtualized environment with the database on MSSQL 2012 SP1. The ECC systems use NAS, the CRM systems presently using local storage to try and resolve these issues:

Disk access times when looking at the operating system level are fine, anywhere from 2-8ms ms/op.

However, when performing actions in SAP, database access times skyrocket and data throughput drops very low.

Here is that ST04 I/O performance looks like in the CRM system, as you can see, very poor:

This CRM host has a total of 32GB assigned , with 10GB dedicated to the SQL server itself.

We see this same sort of slowdown in the ECC system which has 50GB assigned to the SQL server.



Capture.PNG (14.1 kB)