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Aug 18, 2015 at 05:49 PM

Event handler type


Hi experts,

have changed the EM customizing settings recently. Have created a custom application object type for FUs and FOs.

Have done the following Settings:

1. create application object type for FUs and another one for FOs

2. create custom condition for custom AOT and assign it to the event handler type

3. create rule set and activities for FUs and FOs and expected event profiles as copy of the standard

2. create Event handler types for Fus and FOs

2. assign Event Manager to each AOT and activate

3. assign Standard mapping Profile to Logical system and custom application object type in "assign Parameter"

4. assign custom AOT to FU type and FO type

The FU is saved and an Event handler is generated, but it has the standard event handler type and not the custom event handler type.

Would someone tell me what is the thing that determines the event handler type?

Thanks in advance

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