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Aug 18, 2015 at 02:20 PM

Issue in Planned order scheduling


HI All,

I got a issue with planned order detailed scheduling.The material has many phases assigned to it.All the phases are assigned with FS relationship in the ascending order in sequence.

For example please consider the phase 201 suceeds phase 101 and phase 211 suceeds 201 and it goes on.

But during the planned order scheduling the phase 211 starts before 101.Please check the timing in the screenshot below.

I tried to schedule in the reciepe itself and it works as intended.

But all the orders are scheduled wrongly.

Please share your thoughts on the cause of this issue




Capture2.PNG (73.4 kB)
Capture3.PNG (39.8 kB)
Capture4.PNG (49.0 kB)
Capture.PNG (38.0 kB)
Capture.PNG (32.7 kB)