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Aug 18, 2015 at 01:54 PM

Problem broadcast e-mail - suddenly filtering is lost


I am working on SAP BW7.0 (SAP KW70017) and the SAP Enterprise portal.

In our portal we have several query templates (defined as iViews in the portal). A key user has created several reports based on a 1 query template, so with different filters and navigational states. These reports are in the portal saved under the users favorites tab (save as: system = @portal@, type = KMBookmark). When executing this reports in the portal the filtering works fine.

We have created a monthly Broadcasting e-mail using BEX Broadcaster for these reports (more than 100, all based on the same query template): the reports are as xls zip file sent to several e-mail addresses, as defined in the broadcast settings.

These broadcasts have worked fine during several months , but now - suddenly, without any known changes in the configuration of reports or broadcast setting - the filters are lost in some (not all) reports. So certain email recipients have received confidential info, because the filtering had disappeared. Has anybody any idea how i can research/solve this problem?

Kr, Guy Verschueren.