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Aug 18, 2015 at 12:25 PM

Issue in phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION while upgrading SP12 to SP13 using Sum tool


Hi Experts,

We are facing an issue while upgrading Solman SP12 to SP13 in PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION! phase.

Present ST-A/PI version in system :

ST-A/PI 01R_700 0002 SAPKITAB7P Application Servicetools for SolMan 7.0

Included in Stack : SAPKITAB7N (As it a lower version than present in the system).

We have pulled the data from Tx --> RZ70 and configured LMDB also, but still no luck.

Below is the screen-shot of error

Can you please let us know how to move forward...

Thanks in Advance,