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Aug 18, 2015 at 11:34 AM

SQL Anywhere v. 11.0.1. 2713 - validate - backup


Hi all,

We are using SQL Anywhere 11.0.1. 2713 on various customer sites. We have been happy (and still are) with the stability of the database.

We have a few questions because we want to implement some improvements.

From time to time we experience either an assertion error , or not being able to validate the database anymore. At this moment we are taking the backups and applying the log file to it , and this works most of the time.

Our backup - statement is a db event : BACKUP DATABASE DIRECTORY 'c:\backups\monday\' TRANSACTION LOG TRUNCATE

We scheduled this event for every customer.

We would want to enhance this event like this : "only start the backup action, when the dbvalidate is ok".

Is it possible to have the dbvalidate option/statement inside the db event and have a succesfull return code for the validation ?

If yes, how please ?