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Aug 18, 2015 at 11:13 AM

Apply service pack - Java & Kernel only


I'm trying to apply SP14 to SAP PI Netweaver Sp using SUM (Sp12).

The ABAP parts of the stack have already been applied using SPAM, but when I try to use SUM to apply the kernel and Java, the ABAP update and Java update seem to get in conflict with each other.

I'm sure that it is possible to use SUM to do this, as I've got this to work before on another server, but I failed to note the exact steps I followed.

I believe the trick is to respond to the prompts in the "Java" tab, and ensure that the Java update happens first, with the ABAP being processed last.

Does anyone have any experiences or tips to share on this ?



The stack XML has some problems, since for security reasons it is not currently possible to have the remote link from my Solution Manager to SAP, but SAP support have given me a way to work round this. I'm mentioning this for completeness, but not sure it is relevant, as I have got this all to work previoulsy.