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Aug 18, 2015 at 10:19 AM

Stock Valuation@Standard price


Hi All,

My query is I want to do stock valuation as closing stock* std price of next month(as on last day of previous month).

Let me explain the above by taking example:

Suppose on 1st Aug we release standard price for a material i.e rs 100 and the stock quantity is 50 units, then the stock valuation will be rs 50000 on 1st Aug.

Now on 31st Aug we will do period end closing(ML is not activated) and on 1st Sept again we will release standard price i.e rs 105 and stock quantity is 25 units so stock valuation will be rs 2625 on 1st Sept.

How can I achieve the stock valuation on 31st Aug as 25 units*rs105=2625 on 31st Aug.