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Aug 18, 2015 at 09:47 AM

Master Agreement Integration with ERP & SRM


Hello All,

Need your input to plan configuration for below scenario:-

System info:

  • Client has ERP, Sourcing and SRM
  • using ERP for direct spend
  • using SRM for indirect spend

Client want to use Sourcing 10 for contract management for both ERP & SRM. They want to ingrate both with Sourcing as below:-

  • with ERP to publish Contract of Direct materiel and
  • with SRM to publish Contract of Indirect material

As per standard document posting can be done to one target system (ERP or SRM) from Sourcing. So please let me know how we can plan to meet the above scenario.

There are few options we are thinking:-

  1. Publish contract to SRM from Sourcing for both direct & indirect material. Route direct contract from SRM to ECC. But this will require sync SRM and ECC first for master data & Organization structure.
  2. Do some customization in Sourcing to send contract payload to ERP and SRM. At present checking the feasibility.

Please let me know if anyone has handle & configure such scenario.

Looking forward for your input & suggestions.