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Aug 17, 2015 at 09:02 PM

column comibination dual axix chart formating


I need help correcting following CSS code to change color of lines. I tried lot of CSS code around the forum and nothing working. I was able to find the element using F12 and it's working when i change the color but it's not working when i put the code in CSS.

Here is the code i am trying

/* measure 3 displayed as line */

.chartstyle .v-m-plot g.v-module g.v-datalines path.v-lines.v-morphable-line:nth-child(1) {stroke: yellow;}

.chartstyle .v-m-plot g.v-module g.v-markers.v-datashapesgroup path.v-datapoint.v-morphable-datapoint:nth-child(1) {fill: yellow;}

/* adjust colors for measures in the legend to match adjusted colors in the bars/lines */

.chartstyle .v-legend-content g.v-row.ID_0 path {fill: yellow;}



c1.JPG (47.8 kB)
c2.JPG (44.8 kB)