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Aug 17, 2015 at 06:13 PM

Issues with ALV Custom container


Hi Experts,

Please help me out with the below problem. I have created an docking container, And I want to display values of two internal tables based on the push buttons choosed. When i click on the first radio button, the output is getting displayed successfully at the right side.

But whereas when I make an click on the second radio button, the output values are not getting refreshed on the right side and its getting printed separately at left side, kindly find the attached snaps for your reference.

so here in the below snap if i make a click on the basic details radio button the output displayed correctly.

but when i click on the other push button, its overlapping with the text boxes and push buttons which i have created and its not refreshing the view with the new internal table column values.

I have attached my code in word document kindly help me on this.