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Aug 17, 2015 at 11:29 AM

Asset Revaluation and Impairment


Hello Experts,

I have a confusion in how revaluation and impairment process should be executed in SAP.

I have made settings for manual revaluation process. I assigned GL's in AO90. I executed upward revaluation through tcode ABAW. Revaluation is posted in revaluation reserves account. Let suppose revaluation was of 30,000. After that, in next year an impairment of 40,000 is realized. Now 30,000 revaluation reserves should ne reversed and remaining 10,000 should pe posted to impairment P&L account.

How can i configure the system so that the system reverses the revaluation reserves and post 10,000 impairment automatically?

I have searched for it but i couldnt find a proper process for this.

For impairment, SAP provides unplanned depreciation solution but it does not decrease asset cost value. It increases the accumulated depreciation and in result NBV is decreased but asset cost is not adjusted. This process is not suitable if depreciation straight line method is used. If both straight line method and declining balance method is used then which SAP process will be suitable for executing asset revaluation and impairment?

Please guide me in this matter.