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Aug 17, 2015 at 11:56 AM

I want to update to BEGDA field in 0002 infotype for lakhs of records


Hi All,

Appreciate your help. We have a requirement where we need to update begin date (BEGDA) with value '01/01/1900' ( without overlapping) all records in PA0002 table. This is beacause BEGDA stores Date of Birth Value and clients do want Date of Birth value to be stored in system.

I do want to use either Update ABAP SQL statement or do recording (BDC recording). I do want to use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION FM and update records.

I have tried using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION with operation 'MOD' but this updates all other fields in PA0002 table but not BEGDA reason being it is a primary key. Please let me the solution how can i update BEGDA record(primary key) using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION or any other standard FM/BAPI which i can use.