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Aug 17, 2015 at 07:21 AM



Hi, give me please any advice.

I'm trying to run webi report based on bex based on cube and getting such an error (translated from russian):

Error in MDDataSetBW.GetCellData. SID 28443 for characteristic 0REBUILDING could not transform CL_RSDM_READ_MASTER_DATA->_SIDVAL_DIRECT_READ2 (Wis 10901).

So. i go to infocube, and searching SID_0REBUILDING= 28443 in F table.There are entries. But when i try to find this SID in S and M tables for infoobject there is no values. Its looked like this tables was deleted manually.

I tried to check infocube from RSRV (All combined Tests - Master Data - Check Master data for characteristic), every test for every object are succeed but the problem was not resolved.

I tried to find out what is the object with this SID, but i cannot check it in Infocube View property, because M view for the characteristic has no value for SID 28443, so i even can not select needed records and delete them from cube.

Do you have any ideas how can i find missing values and delete them, or repair basic tables for infoobjects?

Thank you!