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Aug 17, 2015 at 03:47 AM

Webdynpro ABAP: Hyperlink navigation issue


Hi experts,

We have a custom webdynpro program. The webdynpro is called through a portal.

In the view of the webdynpro we have a hyperlink as shown in below.

The URL for the hyperlink is taken from a custom table we have created. Below is the debugging screenshot of the same

Previously in the custom table the URL maintained was different. Now I have changed the URL to: As you see, in the debugging the href field is populated correctly with

But in the screen when I click the hyperlink, it is navigating to the URL previously maintained. code for the navigation part for the hyperlink is written in a separate method. The method has parameter href which holds the URL value. The href is declared only inside the method and not anywhere else. The href always holds the previously maintained URL.

Please advice on how to analyse that why href field is not getting the current URL value.




hyperlink.jpg (8.3 kB)