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Aug 16, 2015 at 07:23 PM

How to dispaly measure values for the max Variable (month)?


Hi all,

Example from efashion world: Consider the data availablity in the report.

First of all I add an input control on the variable Month. The user can select one or several months together.

I would like to present a summary table by year depending on the choice of the months

BUT!! at the Quantity sold column I would like to show the value for the max/last month and for the sales revenue column to display sum(sales revenue)

The problem of course at quantity sold column. I can not manage to display the value selected for the last month.


Suppose the user selected months 1 to 4

Quantity sold should be 6,778 and sales revenu should be sum for all 4 months

For a choice of months between 3 and 6 Quantity sold should be 7,057 and sales revenu should be sum for all 4 months

and so on... the Quantity sold column must display the value for the last month that the user choose

Is it possible?


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2webi.jpg (22.0 kB)