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Aug 15, 2015 at 10:25 PM

Account Determination For Inter Company Transfer


Hi Experts,

I have searched the forum but unable to find any solution for this which is why i am posting my issue here. I am trying to transfer an existing asset from Company code A to B. Now i am very well aware that this can be done through ABT1N but the issue is with the financial transaction this process is generating and values. I am using transfer variant 1 for my transfer as i wish to transfer only the net book value from company code A to B. but when i simulate the transaction system also picks and transfers the Accumulated Depreciation along with APC value. Secondly it picks the Contra account: Acquisition value in both companies where as i want inter company payable and receivable to be booked in both companies. i understood that in AO90 "Acquisition from affiliated company" is the liability (Inter company payable) account and "Clear.revenue sale to" is inter company Receivable account but system in not picking these account neither do system allows "Clear.revenue sale to account to be a balance sheet account. Can any expert please shed some lite on account determination used in AO90 and how can i achieve my desired results in ABT1N? Following is the transaction i am trying to achieve here:

In company code A

Inter company Receivable Debit

Asset Credit (Net Book Value)

In Company Code B

Asset Debit (With Net Book Value)

Inter Company Payable Credit