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Aug 15, 2015 at 09:32 PM

Bank Branch field


Hello Everyone,

I am asking my question for the second time because noone sees my old post anymore and I still haven't received my needed answer. Please carefully read my post if you would be so kind to reply, I would appreciate a lot.

For the following two SAP versions:

ECC 6.0

Business One

I would have a question. Your answer is probably going to be the same for both versions, if not then please let me know.

Additionally, the question is related to the following FOUR commands with FOUR different locations of same field. The one and only field I am going to ask my question for is BANK BRANCH field. All FOUR locations for my question of the same field are on the following paths (the question I am going to ask is the same for all four paths/locations to the BANK BRANCH field!):

FD02 command\Type value in Customer field\Type value in Company Code field\green tick button\occurance of window Change Customer: General Data\Payment Transactions tab\Bank Data button\BANK BRANCH field

FK02 command\Type value in Vendor field\Type value in Company Code field\tick relevant data under menu General Data and under menu Company Code Data\occurance of window Change Vendor: Address\click on small NEXT SCREEN icon button located in the submenu of entire SAP window\occurance of window Change Vendor: Payment transactions\Bank Data button\BANK BRANCH field

FI02 command\Type value in Bank Country field\Type value in Bank Key field\occurance of window Change Bank: Detail Screen\BANK BRANCH field

FI12 command\double click on House Banks option in Dialog Structure\in the window Change View House Banks: Overview double click on relevant House Bank entry in the table\button Change\BANK BRANCH field

I described the path to the exact fields BANK BRANCH so my question about those fields (same but on different locations) is going to be maximum understandable.

Finally, the question is: I would like to put a rule how exactly should I get value which is supposted to be in those four BANK BRANCH fields - actually same field on four different locations. Could anyone please tell me if the following quoted sentence/rule, to help myself getting the value to be located in BANK BRANCH field(s) is correct or not:

"BANK BRANCH value is always 3 charachters long. No exceptions. It can be obtained based on swift/bic code. If swift/bic code is 11 charachters long then value which must be typed in BANK BRANCH field is actually the last THREE (3!) charachters of 11 charachters long swift/bic code. If swift/bic code is 8 charachters long then value in BANK BRANCH field must be XXX"

So please, could any expert of ECC 6.0 and Business One comment this whether the quoted text is correct to obtain BANK BRANCH field value or not? The work is for automated money transmits from both banks and credit unions. If not, what I said wrong and what is true instead? The reason for asking this is that via google I found some scary explanations, extremly complicated for me to understand, that BANK BRANCH fields values have something to do with bank accounts, not just iban bank accounts but all bank accounts worldwide. Please let me know if my rule in quoted text for defining BANK BRANCH values is correct?

Thank you very much. All the best.