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Aug 15, 2015 at 10:33 AM

Overtime wage type is not showing in RT with amount



I couldn't see wage type (1205) with the amount in RT table.

As per the daily work schedule,employee should work 8 hours per day and if an emp work more than 8 hours,he/she is eligible for fixed overtime of 20 dollars.Employee is maintaining total number of hours in IT 2002 using attendance type,'7001-daily attendance' and there is no attendance type specifically created for overtime and system should split no.of hours as planned working hours and OT hours.

One of the employee joined on 10.08.2015 and employee entered 10 hours on 12th Aug,hence, system should split number of hours into planned working time as 8 hours and overtime as 2 hours and I could see this is happening in time evaluation but when I run payroll,I couldn't see wage type (1205) with the amount in RT table.

I am using TM04 with TMS-9 and this is for country grouping-10.

I am enclosing screenshots for the reference.Can you please help me to fix this issue.

Thank you



zml.JPG (20.8 kB)
RT.JPG (27.2 kB)