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Aug 14, 2015 at 09:08 PM

Fixed vs Variable Absorption


I am having trying to break out fixed vs variable absorption. Right now, we have activity types set up to absorb overhead based on machine hours and within those activity types, the rates are entered between fixed and variable. The problem is that when the absorption comes through on the G/L, it's all in one entry. There is no break out of the absorption entry between variable and fixed. I feel like if we're putting in the fixed and variable rates, SAP has to be storing that information somewhere right? I'm trying to avoid setting up a variable activity to point to one G/L and fixed to point to another. So, in other words, when I confirm a machine hour on a production order, I want to push the fixed piece to one G/L and the variable to another if that's possible (without creating another activity).

Thanks in advance!!!