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Aug 15, 2015 at 04:29 AM

SWIFT Payment file header


Hi All,

SAP supports SWIFT file header generation in two ways, with option1 I am unable to achieve the expected result.

SWIFT Supported header

Sender BIC code in block 1 and receiver BIC code in Block 2 start with {1:F01 and close with flower } for each block

Option 1

SAP Standard header

My configuration in SAP.

Structure for the payment program BNK_FPM_SWIFT to create the header file with include structure FPM_SWIFT.

In format parameters, i have maintained SWIFT file format and sender BIC default and receiver BIC from bank key swift code of the house bank code.

Option - 2 we are able to achieve the result by changing the event module 20 logic for header file generation. But we decided to go with standard option1.

SAP configuration-

Structure for the payment program FPM_SWIFT is assigned, event module 20 read the parameters from the custom table for swift file header which is working fine.

We have created a custom table to maintain the block 1 and block 2 default parameters and swift code of the receiver read from bank key of the house bank.

Please advise how to achieve SWIFT file header with option 1?

Appreciate your help 😊


Naresh Garla


OBPM1 Standerd.PNG (13.3 kB)
SWIFT header.PNG (4.2 kB)
OBPM1.PNG (56.3 kB)
Option 2 OBPM1.PNG (56.4 kB)