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Aug 15, 2015 at 04:29 AM

SWIFT Payment file header


Hi All,

SAP supports SWIFT file header generation in two ways, with option1 I am unable to achieve the expected result.

SWIFT Supported header

Sender BIC code in block 1 and receiver BIC code in Block 2 start with {1:F01 and close with flower } for each block

Option 1

SAP Standard header

My configuration in SAP.

Structure for the payment program BNK_FPM_SWIFT to create the header file with include structure FPM_SWIFT.

In format parameters, i have maintained SWIFT file format and sender BIC default and receiver BIC from bank key swift code of the house bank code.

Option - 2 we are able to achieve the result by changing the event module 20 logic for header file generation. But we decided to go with standard option1.

SAP configuration-

Structure for the payment program FPM_SWIFT is assigned, event module 20 read the parameters from the custom table for swift file header which is working fine.

We have created a custom table to maintain the block 1 and block 2 default parameters and swift code of the receiver read from bank key of the house bank.

Please advise how to achieve SWIFT file header with option 1?

Appreciate your help ๐Ÿ˜Š


Naresh Garla


OBPM1 Standerd.PNG (13.3 kB)
SWIFT header.PNG (4.2 kB)
OBPM1.PNG (56.3 kB)
Option 2 OBPM1.PNG (56.4 kB)