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Aug 14, 2015 at 07:33 PM

Output to trigger header ship in return order


Hi All,

Good Morning,

Please share your valuable inputs and solution for the below :

We have a return process and we create the ZCR document and then ZRE document. In our ZCR document we have multiple line items. Each line item having different ship to part line item wise different from ZCR header ship to party.

for e.g. ZCR document having sold to as A and Ship to party as B. We have 3 line items having ship to party as C/D/E. The output conditon record has been set up on ZRE document and SH partner funtion.

As per the standard process once we create ZRE document the output ZD01 gets triggered multiple times as per ship to parties in line items of ZRE document created form ZCR.

Client requirement is output should trigger once only to ZCR header ship to.

please share the best solution with all your inputs how we should tackle this requirement.



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