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Aug 14, 2015 at 01:23 PM

Problem in Integration with portal (Personas 1.0)


Hello experts,

I am facing a problem with Personas in Portal. I have two problems.

Problem 1: when i try to click any other link in the portal I mean other than personas link(change own password in the screen shot), then I am getting a popup like "do you want to leave this page?". No matter which option I am selecting, it is going to a blank screen and showing as loading. But it is not loading back to home or personas screen.

I am expecting it to go to change password screen when I click that link. (without any popups). Is that possible?

Problem 2: When I click any other personas link then it is launching that transaction in another tab. I want that to be launched in sane tab by replacing the earlier transaction. Is it possible and if yes how?

Please help with the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Swathi V


popup.PNG (37.0 kB)
Links.PNG (3.2 kB)