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Aug 14, 2015 at 12:23 PM

Error for COM routine using application program (return code 40,301)


Hi Gurus,

One of our business users is getting COM routine error (return code 40,301).

  • When she is trying to load a bunch of materials in the Planning book this popup comes up.
  • This issue is specific to single user. I tried to open same selections, didn't get any issue.
  • we created a test user id with same authorizations as her and checked, still no issues.

I checked, this is error usually comes up when there is any KF with negative value available in the planning book.

But, here that is not the case bacause I am not getting any issues.


1. I s there a way to find the root cause ?

2. Can it be a system (PC) issues ?

Please help, its a long pending issue now.