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Aug 14, 2015 at 10:18 AM

How to make a Java Program Object that can run on InfoView or LaunchPad?


Hi All,

I have been using SAP BO Java SDK for a while now to connect to BO Repository and access different kinds of data. It has been extremely useful in a ton of situations. Links like neatly explains on how to write these codes and execute them as a part of AdminTools.

So far, I have used SDK as JSP that is kept in AdminTools and is executed via Internet Explorer. I have also written & ran Java code from Eclipse to access information. Now I'm trying to export the code as a JAR file and I want to upload it to BO as Program Object so that I can run it them from InfoView/LaunchPad and not Eclipse or AdminTools.

How do I modify my code - say the below one - for that purpose? Could you please guide me through the steps? This code prints all the parameters used in the scheduled instances of a WebI report. It's only a sample without any try-catch blocks or exception handling.

Needless to say that I'm not at all a Java expert. Also, it would be great if someone can answer this as an SCN Document so that everyone can use the same concepts.

import all the required stuff;

public class paramsInScheduledInstances{
  public static void main(String[] args) throws SDKException{
        Scanner scanner1 = new Scanner( );

        System.out.print("Enter user name : ");
        String userName = scanner1.nextLine();
        System.out.print("Enter password : ");
        String password = scanner1.nextLine();
        System.out.print("Enter System Name : ");
        String envmnt = scanner1.nextLine();
         System.out.print("Enter parent CUID : ");
        String parentCUID = scanner1.nextLine();
        IEnterpriseSession eSession = null;

        ISessionMgr sessionMgr = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();
        eSession = sessionMgr.logon(userName, password, envmnt,"secEnterprise");
         IInfoStore iStore = (IInfoStore) eSession.getService("InfoStore");
        IInfoObjects objs = iStore.query("Select * from ci_infoobjects where SI_PARENT_CUID = '"+ parentCUID +"'");
        for (int i=0; i<objs.size(); i++){
         IInfoObject report = (IInfoObject)objs.get(i);
         IProperties prompts = (IProperties) report.getProcessingInfo().properties().getProperty("SI_WEBI_PROMPTS").getValue();                   
         int num_prompts = ((Integer) prompts.getProperty("SI_TOTAL").getValue()).intValue();
         for (int nPromptNameIndex = 1; nPromptNameIndex <= num_prompts; nPromptNameIndex++) {
          Integer propNum = new Integer(nPromptNameIndex);
              IProperties prompt = (IProperties) prompts.getProperty(propNum).getValue();           
              IProperties promptValue = (IProperties) prompt.getProperty("SI_VALUES").getValue();
              String strTotalValue = promptValue.getProperty("SI_TOTAL").getValue().toString();
              Integer IntTotalValue = new Integer(strTotalValue);    
              int numPromptValues = IntTotalValue.intValue();                   
              String     promptDataValues="";
              for (int nPromptValueIndex = 1; nPromptValueIndex <= numPromptValues; nPromptValueIndex++) {
                   Integer propvalueNum = new Integer(nPromptValueIndex);
                   String  strpropvalueNum = propvalueNum.toString();
                   String  singlePromptVal = promptValue.getProperty(strpropvalueNum).getValue().toString();
                   if(nPromptValueIndex == 1)
                        promptDataValues = singlePromptVal;
                        promptDataValues = promptDataValues + ";" + singlePromptVal;
        if(eSession != null)

Thanks a lot,

Antony P