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Aug 14, 2015 at 08:55 AM

Alert flooding : one single alert for yellow threshold ?



We are runnning SAP SLM 7.1 ,SPS10.

We are currently being flooded by thousands of alerts being generated by the same metrics.

We receive hundreds of similar alerts for the very same metric :

Here is an example of a a metric being trigerred hundreds of times , once the yellow threeshold is reached

I understand that I can adjust the threeshold but that is not the point here.

My point is that I was expecting to receive one single alert once the yello threshold is reached, and another alert once the red alert is reached.

.... not redundant emails every 5 minutes.

Any idea would be higly appreciated.



pastedImage_0.png (56.4 kB)
pastedImage_1.png (33.6 kB)