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Aug 14, 2015 at 08:11 AM

Variant Configuration - Procedure vs Precondition



The issue is the following. I have to constraint the values of a characteristics taking into account the values of the predecesor caharatericti but instead of making a Precondition for each characteristic value I'd prefer to create one procedure for the chararacteristic.

In fact, i've created one procedure and it works, but not as i'd like. I mean, depite the characteristica value of the predecesor characteristica the system shows me all the values of the following characteristic although it only able me two select the correct one (if I chose any incorrect value the systems shows me an inconsistency).

I'd like that, via procedure, depending on the value selected in the previos characteristic the system ONLY displays the valid values in the following caharacterisitc as it occurs with individual preconditions.

That's my code.

Thanks a lot,