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Aug 14, 2015 at 03:16 AM

Mopz taking incorrect component in stack file


Hello Frnds, We need to update NW Portal 7.31 SP11 to SP 16. Our portal has few ERP6 EHP5 components as add on. and EPR6 add on for XSS. LMDB, SLD looks ok. While generating the stack file, the Mopz is picking ERP6 EHP5 update to SP level from SP 4 to SP14, and along with this its taking NW portal 7.31 SP16. But this is giving error in SUM during confituration phase for ERP6, saying that you have changed the component verson after generating the stack file. I have an assumption that, the stack file should be generated with EHP1 NW 7.3 SP16 and addon of ERP, instead. Kindly share your suggestions helping in resolving this issue. Pls let me know if any other information required. Regards Munish