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Aug 14, 2015 at 03:35 AM

CM25 Snote 100114


Dear Friends,

I am seeking help here regarding the Snote 100114.

Our basis downloaded the latest version of the note and implemented it. However I encountered an error after I save the changes in CM25 in our test system. The error message indicates that I am lacking of authorization on CM10. It is weird so I checked the document of the note.

Here it is part of the note documentation:


Implement the modification in the source code (also for releases higher than Release 3.1I) and make the following changes:

1. Create a new user parameter Call Transaction SE80, select 'Other Objects', then select 'Edit' Create the 'ZCY' user parameter with the following short text: 'Start parameter for capacity leveling (Transaction CM10)' Use a customer-specific development class (Z* or Y*), or create a new development class in the customer namespace.

2. Assign user parameters to the data element Call Transaction SE11, select 'Data element', Enter the object name 'CYCM0XPAR', choose 'Change'. Enter the parameter ID 'ZCY'. Save and activate the data element.

3. Activate the set/get parameter on screen 0050 of the SAPMC65B program: Call Transaction SE51, specify the program SAPMC65B, screen number 0050, Choose 'Change'. Select the 'RC65B-STARTPAR' field, select the FType 'I/O', choose 'Attributes'. Set the 'Set Param.' and the 'Get Param.' indicators. Save and activate the screen.

My question is: should I replace the transaction CM10 by CM25 stated in the solution?

Thanks in advance,

YE Mao