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Aug 13, 2015 at 07:34 PM

Analyzing designs using PlanViz and understanding Dominant Operators


Greetings HANA experts,

Some preliminary info:

I created some designs using calculation views. I need to merge the data sets using a Union node in a newly created calculation nodes.

From an SAP standpoint I'm using BSAK,BSIK, BSEG, BSIS, and EKKO to gather all the necessary information and do the necessary manipulations.

When I Union the data sets from the BSAK and BSIK tables and I query just one value I get really good speeds < 2 s. As soon as I add the BSIS tables I get a significant aggregation time of ~ 51 s.

I ran a PlanViz Analysis and I am able to track down the bottleneck, but I don't comprehend well the dominant operators and how to debug further. The screenshot below shows a performance summary on the Top 200 records of my query.

I just started performance analysis with this tool, but I can track down the bottleneck to the following "BwPopJoin13" where most of the time is being spent.

Is there any way to dig in further or is this the last level of debugging possible? Also what does "BwPopJoin<insertnumber> mean? How can use this to try to improve the speed?


PlanViz_Sum.png (444.8 kB)
PlanViz_Detail.PNG (30.8 kB)