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Aug 13, 2015 at 07:55 PM

BODS error - Row delimiter was seen for row number


Hi SAP BI Gurus,

I am new to BI and BOBJ and would really appreciate your help on this issue. We have a daily batch job in the BODS that loads data from ECC to assigned tables. The past few days, we have been getting intermittent errors during the run and this is the ABAP Data Flow that is getting the error.

FIL-080105: |Data flow DF_COEP1|Reader COEP

A row delimiter was seen for row number <1> while processing column number <65> in file <//ECCPRD/bods/ABAP/aR3dt.dat>.

The row delimiter should be seen after <79> columns. Check the file for bad data, or redefine the input schema for the file by editing the file format in the UI.

Please note that the error does not happen every day. As such, we cannot pinpoint exactly what is causing this issue. I did notice that there are 4 different ABAP Data Flows using the generic file name aR3dt.dat in their respective Data Transports. In other words, there are 4 ABAP Data Flows sharing one generic file name. DF_COEP1 is the last Data Flow called and the only one among the 4 that is having issues with the row delimiter.

Is this error because of the sharing of the generic file name or is that irrelevant? I am thinking of changing the file name in the Data Transport for DF_COEP1 from aR3dt.dat to ZCOEP.dat, for example. However, I wanted to get the opinion of the experts first. I cannot test the fix in non-PRD systems because the error only happens in PRD. As such, I need to be sure the fix really works because the WebI report that’s generated with data from the BODS is very critical to the management team. Any mix-up that results from my fix will be highlighted by the top guys.

We are using BODS 4.2, Designer Version

Thank you.