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Aug 13, 2015 at 07:00 PM

Requirement & Availability dates mismatch: Block plnd resources


Hi Experts,

Looking to see if there is a standard way to the below issue -

On the image above, you can see -

  • The last planned order created with an Availability date of 09/05/2015, is our Block Planned resource.
  • The products above this planned order can obviously only be made after it's Available Date/time.
  • Question: Should standard SAP recalculate the date under the Available Date column & reset 'em per the transit time & the planned order duration at each level? i.e. - the one highlighted in YELLOW with an availability date of 09/19/2015 should be reset to 09/05/2015, as its Planned ord duration is only 5 mins (in our case).
  • Justification: When we measure ontime performance, it is measured @ the last but one product level, so it always gets projected as being made ontime while we really make it way early.

Any suggestions?


Capture.JPG (63.4 kB)