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Aug 13, 2015 at 03:08 PM

Incorrect planned order type from APO to R/3


Hi All,

Need your help on below Issue.

We are facing issue in the planned order being sent from APO to R/3. Planned orders are of type LA (Stock Order) and E as procurement type, whereas it should come as NB (order type) and 03 (subcontracting) for special procurement type for LB profile. Hence facing issue in converting planned order to purchase requisition, where wrong pur. req type is coming and item category L (sub contracting) is missing due to above issue. We can change it manually but it should come automatically.

If we make product PD, MRP relevant and run MRP run, the planned orders are created of correct type NB

Is there any setting in APO where we can map order category with APO and R/3.

MRP profile is correctly maintained for subcontracting in OMDT.

please find attached for issue detail.




planned order.png (152.9 kB)
pur req.PNG (266.3 kB)