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Aug 13, 2015 at 12:37 PM

How to create a single production order for a part having multilevel BOM


Dear Sir,

We need to create a single production order for manufacturing a part and this part has multilevel BOM . The case scenario is as per below example .

As per the above scenario , Part-1 need sub-assemblies S-Assy-1 and S-Assy-2 and to manufacture S-Assy-1 it need different raw materials and 3 operations .

Our requirement is that , for Part-1 , we need to create a single production order which include manufacturing of S-Assy-1 & S-Assy-2 . In brief , under normal scenario there shall be 3 production orders , but in this case we need to create only a single production order .

The purpose of this simplification is to have lesser numbers of production orders , as we are making big size custom heavy equipment and there are several small component which need to manufacture in-house and their cycle time is very small comparing to the total cycle time of complete equipment manufacturing . So with this approach there will lesser nos of production order .

I request experts to kindly guide on this requirement please .

With Regards

B Mittal


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