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Aug 13, 2015 at 11:29 AM

Mid year go live Issue


Hi Friends,

Our client is planning to go live from August-2015 (i.e. from next month onwards) (Mid year go live). We are now checking the payroll results for one single pernr of client. We have uploaded legacy payroll results of that employee for April, May, June & July - 2015 thru T558B & T558C tables in SAP System thru INLK Schema. We have run both simulation & live payroll of that employee. But for the month of August-2015, we have run thru our customiozed schema & checking Form 16 & Form 24Q etc..

But in Form-16, Ptax amount of Rs. 1600/- it is showing from August-2015 to March-2016 (which is a Projection Amount). But it is not showing the Ptax amount of the first 4 months( which we have uploaded data). We are assuming that Is there any problem with CRT or Any other Issue?

Can any one of you please let us know that how we can get cumulated values for all 12 months of the current year 2015-16?

Thanks & Regards,