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Feb 02, 2006 at 01:34 PM

How to develop using two NWDI


We are going to start a development activity on a NWDI (Scenario 2+/3) il location A, so we will define here the SC, products and so on into that SLD, and we will create DC here using NWDS.

In order to be able to develop also when the NWDI A is down or not reachable (only in this case) we want to be able to develop also on a second NWDI in location B. But the "master" JDI will be that in location A.

Both the NWDI have the same patch level and the two networks are connected.

We read the thread :

Problem Importing Workspace to another Distributed DTR (Problem Importing Workspace to another Distributed DTR)

We have some question on this scenario:

1) the two NWDI has different SLD settings, and so different prefixes and namespaces.

If we export the SC definition from the SLD in location A, also the prefixes reserved will be exported ?

Our worry is to create on location B a DC with the same name, but as the prefixes are different it will be see as different object to the NWDI in location A when we try to move it there and the merge will fail.

2) Which is the way to integrate the changes made in B into the location A ?

We have to export SCA file and then to check-in them into the same track used for the same SC on the target CMS and then solve the conflicts using the Integation view?

Are there a way to align the two DTR in auomatic way ?

3) What about the CMS tracks and CMS domain ? They are different on these NWDI. Which is the impact on the SCA files we will move manually?

It's necssary to align the CMS configuration between the wo NWDI ?