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Aug 13, 2015 at 10:04 AM

Comparing 2 objects from 2 different BEXes


I have 2 BEX queries and in each, there is an object that lists Account numbers. The first BEX only lists Account numbers that have been active over the last 4 years, the second BEX lists all Account numbers. My mission is to compare the 2 lists and come out with a list of accounts that we haven't dealt with over the last 4 years. In the BEX that contains Active accounts, there is a measure that contains how much they ordered from us.

Now I thought it'd be simple and it'd be a case of merging the 2 Account Reference objects together and creating a variable that says "=if([Active Trading Partner]=[Trading Partner]) Then "Match" Else "No Match". Problem is, it only seems to tell me that the only possible outcome is "Match" and will only allow me to see the Trading Partner's that match in both columns, it refuses to give me a list of accounts where it equals "No Match". I've also tried creating a variable that uses isnull so =isnull([Ordered Quantity]) In([Trading Partner]) - this one gives me a 1 where there is no Ordered Quantity by the list of All Accounts and a 0 where there is an Ordered Quantity, however, if i filter on this and set me to only show Trading Partners that =1, it still shows me a list of all trading accounts rather than just the ones where it =1, if i set it to 0, it still makes no difference and shows me the full list.

So the 2 BEXes are

All Accounts

- All Accounts Object

Active Accounts

- Accounts

- Ordered Quantity