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Aug 13, 2015 at 09:27 AM

Unable to see incoming queues in SMQ2


Hello Experts ,

I am new to the site , so i do not know if this is the right area to post this .

We are facing a problem in one of our SCM systems .

While pushing the data from ERP to SCM ( Through CIF queues ) , we see that the data is actually coming in to SCM . That is , whatever was pushed , those values are getting updated in the table . But while pushing the data we do not see the queue getting processed in the inbound queue ( SMQ2 ) of our SCM system .

So , we are in a situation where we do not know if a queue is in the status of "running " or " SYSFAIL" in smq2 of our SCM system .

This is happening to our quality system alone . This system was a high availability system , however it was on a 2 node architecture . We recently changed the architecture to 3 node . That is ASCS is installed in 3 different nodes , in order to have an effective failover .

Now , we have checked the RFC's from ERP to SCM and vice versa . We have changed it from load balancing to without load balancing . Still the issue is not fixed .

SMQS settings are good . RFC's to and fro are working . Is there a particular RFC that we should be checking ?. Or is there a setting in the existing RFC's that we should check ?. If it is not related to RFC's what are the other areas we should be looking into ?.

We did go to OM17 in SCM system and clicked on STOP CIF Queue button . When we click that , we are seeing an entry in SMQ2 saying that queue is stopped . But while it is getting executed , we do not see any activity of a queue coming in . But data is processed . We see the queue in the outbound (SMQ1 ) of ERP system .

Our ERP system is on ECC 6 EHP5 . SCM system is 7.0 EHP 2 .

Kindly let me know if you have any suggestions .

Thanks in Advance,