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Aug 13, 2015 at 07:04 AM

Generating wage type with T510S



I used schema TM04 for time evaluation.

I created wage types with table T510S

For example:

0B01 regular work

0D01 suplement for night

0D02 supplement for holiday

Because regular work on night and also holiday has diffelend value from regular work on night, and working day, I have to group these wage types into new:

If 0B01 and no supplement, have to create 0BW1 -> price 8,12 eur

If 0B01 and 0D01 supplement, and not 0D02 have to create 0Bw2 -> price 8,78 eur

If 0B01 and 0D01 supplement, and also 0D02 have to create 0Bw3 -> price 11,41 eur

Is there any option to create rule like this algorithm, without create new operation (ABAP)?

I am not programer, so I would like to group this WT with rules in TM04.

(Price will be calculated in IT0008, so I have only to return right WT to payrol)

Best regard,