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Aug 13, 2015 at 06:23 AM

BIlling plan query issue


Hello Everyone,

I have a problem creating a Query request your time on the same.

I need to create a query listing out all the line items in the billing plan for an order which are due to be billed today. I have been using FPLT and FPLA to create the same but the issue here is each line item is assigned a billing plan no under which in FPLT I will get the dates which are due.

1) Initially I only used FPLA and FPLT keeeping sales order number as input for FPLA and in FPLT opting(selection screen) for billing status to be not equal to C and billing block field = blank I also opted for the billing date on the selection screen.

The issue with the above is that it displays only the last sales order line item billing plan due values. For example if there are 3 lines items in the sales order with 3 billingplans having a line item due today for each sales order line item, it will only display last line time due.

2)While working on this new instructions were to include VBAK and VBAP to have billing block from these on the selection screen (both should be blank0.

The issue here is when I include these it gives me all line items with the same values. For ex if we take te above example I provided here it would show 3 line items but values of all 3 are the last line item values.

I am making some errors in the link ups (I am creating the same in SQVI)

Thank you