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Aug 13, 2015 at 05:00 AM

Budget Check Not Carried Out at PR Level


Dear Experts,

Lately we have identified a few cases where system has not carried out budget check at PR Level. In one of the cases where there was only PKR 471,235 budget available but system allowed to create a PR of PKR 4,000,000.

In Account Assignment Tab of PR, GL Account Tab is BLANK but WBS Tab has correct WBS in it. This Budget Check issue is taking place on Materials which are consumed as soon as GRN for those materials take place. They are all non valuated materials with Accounting Views maintained on them and are meant for capitalization.

Other than that, system is working fine on all other material classes as it should be. We have checked the settings and configuration but we are unable to deduce as to why it could be happening and how to resolve it.