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Aug 13, 2015 at 04:14 AM

goods receipt of packaged material but goods issue for package items


Hi ,

I have a package item say Pak1 . It has 2 material components sub1 and sub 2 (made it as non valuated) . I can't order sub1 and sub 2 items separately. Hence I create a PO with material item PAK1 , valuated with cost 100 USD with account assignment as Inventory . Now when I receive it in inventory , I want the BOM to be exploded automatically and inventory entries should be 3 . One for PAK1 with cost and other two entries for sub1 and sub 2 with quantities as maintained in BOM (value zero as it is non valuated) . Since customer issues mostly the sub items , he needs them to be inventorised .

One way to do this is to include all the items of BOM and main material in PO , make sub items as free goods and do GR . But problem with this process is once all these items are in inventory , the relationship doesn't exist . Hence if sub items are scrapped or not returned etc , ideally the main item PAK1 , inventory value and count should become zero. Other method is to charge off pak1 to CC. But usually pak1 will be in inventory till it is issued

Can anyone suggest better method to handle this ?