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Aug 12, 2015 at 10:34 PM

LM - Native HANA Transport Changelists


hello all,

I am working on a system which has LM enabled. It is working fine to record changes, assign changes, approve and release changes.

The HANA admin had created a DU and assigne the packages to it.

As developers we create changelists and approve changes. Then these changes are released.

During the intial migration, we noticed all objects were moved. We are ok with that.

During a second migrationm, which involved having an additional changelist created and selected as individual changelist to be transported... there was an error during the migration as the predecessor changelist(s) were included and also it seems like other files from other packages were also included.

shouldnt the new release only include the selected changelist? what am i missing?

why is it including other files?

why do we need a DU and also select individual Changelists?? i was hoping that we should only include changelists as we do not need to move an entire DU

please advise. thanks in advance