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Aug 12, 2015 at 07:14 PM

Cell Restrictions in SAP Business objects WebInntelligence


Hi All,

I have the below requirement in Webi. Can any one please help me out how can I achieve this requirement in SAP WEBi.

I am using SAP BW back-end and connecting by BICS. I can not use Cell Definition functionality in BEx due to profit centers list is not constant.




Profit Center




% Formula


1 Sales Federal Way 346096 =C1/$C$6 2 Sales Lynnwood 265238 =C2/$C$6 3 Sales Everett 291135 =C3/$C$6 4 Sales Puyallup 321218 =C4/$C$6 5 Sales Easthill Kent 218674 =C5/$C$6 6 Total Sales =SUM(C1:C5) =SUM(D1:D5) 7 Controllable Profit Federal Way 99623 =C7/C1 8 Controllable Profit Lynnwood 65457 =C8/C2 9 Controllable Profit Everett 71844 =C9/C3 10 Controllable Profit Puyallup 88301 =C10/C4 11 Controllable Profit Easthill Kent 38778 =C11/C5 12 Total Controllable Profit =SUM(C7:C11) =C12/C6 13 Unit Earnings Federal Way 72260 =C13/C1 14 Unit Earnings Lynnwood 26790 =C14/C2 15 Unit Earnings Everett 33697 =C15/C3 16 Unit Earnings Puyallup 60627 =C16/C4 17 Unit Earnings Easthill Kent 17141 =C17/C5 18 Total Unit Earnings =SUM(C13:C17) =C18/C6


in Advance