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Aug 12, 2015 at 03:32 PM

iOS SMP3 - How to send parameters with scheduleReadEntity method ?


I try to call a webservice OData located at ".../etuserdataSet('XXXX')" (where 'XXXX' is my parameter) with different methods, but at end I get different results and never what I want.

1) With this method:

[store scheduleReadEntityWithResourcePath:@"etuserdataSet('XXXXX')" delegate:self options:nil];

I receive a good return in "requestServerResponse" delegate method and data is correct (property [1], value : Logon Successfully) but it's not formatted as an entity, it's in this format :

2) With this method:

[self.appDelegate.pmwoStore scheduleReadEntitySet:@"etuserdataSet" delegate:self options:nil];

I also receive a return successfully, without data (it's normal because I don't send my parameter) but response is formatted like an entity :

3) If I use the same method with a parameter like this :

[self.appDelegate.pmwoStore scheduleReadEntitySet:@"etuserdataSet('XXXX')" delegate:self options:nil];

I get a failure return ("ContractViolationDomaine, Wrong responseType" in requestFailed method) but with good data in property :


Somebody can explain this? And how can I realize a GET method with a parameter and receive the response as an entity ?


Best regards.